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Company profile

Shingo Tsunoda, president and CEO

In this era of turbulent world conditions, we at Clear Co., Ltd., as a life design consultant, have three concepts of "living," "saving," and "enjoying" in order to meet the various needs of everyone. We would like to continue to be a company that can always provide valuable services and a stable living environment.
In the future, it is our goal and mission to help you plan your important life so that the future will be fun and stable, and you will be able to lead a fulfilling life. It's also a joy.

Corporate philosophy

By moving forward every day, working diligently to realize new employment and the future, always putting the interests of our customers first, pursuing results, and faithfully observing compliance in Japan and around the world. , We will continue to grow toward the future as a company that can always provide excitement and hope to all people.

Promises with costumers

  1. We think about things from the customer's point of view and promise to provide appropriate products and the best service.

  2. We promise to improve valuable services and aim for No. 1 trust with the slogans of "safety," "safety," and "credibility."

  3. We strictly adhere to laws and social norms, and promise to use them in good faith to improve our business.

  4. We promise that all services will be quoted free of charge and simulations will be submitted promptly.

  5. We value the "voice" of our customers and promise to respond promptly and at the same time make use of it every day to improve our business.

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